What Are The Most Eaten Seafood Products, Globally?


There are plenty of dishes including vegetarian or non-vegetarian meat-based ones. But the love of seafood and its likeability among all the age groups is undeniable. With exceptional and unique treats for our taste buds. Seafood exporters now offer a wide range of products that are exceptional in taste and rich in nutrients. 


According to the seafood exporters in Pakistan, Shellfish and ocean fish are among the many types of seafood that go under the umbrella word “seafood’’. Regardless of where you live, the efforts of seafood exporters overall the world have provided us with numerous options of seafood shopping.


Either you are a lover of farm-raised seafood or crave to hunt upon wild-caught seafood, there’s everything for everyone in the seafood industry. Farm-raised fish like catfish, tilapia, and salmon are highly preferred whereas wild-caught fish like swordfish, tuna, and sharks are rare and expensive food treats. While geoduck (a big burrowing clam) and bream (a fish used in Mediterranean cuisines) are foreign delicacies, regional specialties like lobster, Alaskan king crab, and southern crawfish are also available to the U.S. and Chinese seafood consumers by the seafood exporters in Pakistan. 


A Treat For Shrimp Lovers

A crustacean belonging to the Decapoda order, shrimp is the most often served shellfish in the United States. Farm-raised shrimp or wild-caught shrimp are both likable options you will see at every dinner table. Talking about the nutrition factor, shrimps are a good source of calcium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine.


Shrimp and related prawns can be roasted, fried, grilled, or barbecued on fire in a variety of different ways, generally, seafood lovers love shrimps tossed in red garlic hot sauce. Shrimp gumbo, prawn cocktail, and shrimp creole are all popular recipes you will see on the most-ordered menu items of every foreign eatery. In addition to that, another kind of shrimp i.e. Gumbo is believed to have originated in Louisiana in the 18th century.


Salmon And Tuna Goes Hand In Hand

In terms of popularity, salmon and tuna are neck-and-neck for second place among Americans’ and Chinese most preferred fish. Traditionally, these two species of fish have been used to make simple sandwiches and dietary salads, requiring minimal to zero preparation time. Even though both fishes are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a fattier and more expensive one in comparison to tuna due to its high protein quotient. Though several seafood exporters believe that the infinite success of these items as related to the fact that they are readily available in an easy-to-use canned form.

For the preparation of salmon, diverse ways are in practice, including simmering, baking, or frying. And who can neglect the uncanny never-ending love of sushi fans? Furthermore, Tunas such as albacore, yellowfin, skipjack, and southern bluefin are sold commercially with higher demands especially in the stores of China and the U.S.


Do you know?

Salmon is ranked as the second most popular food item in the United States last year, and its consumption rose the greatest, rising from 5.8 percent to 2.55 pounds per person.


The World Of Seafood Ends On Infinity

Tilapia, Alaska pollock, pangasius, cod, and catfish are also common in the United States. Tilapia is also known as St. Peter’s Holy Fish because some think Jesus used it to feed a crowd at the Sea of Galilee. Moreover, Alaska pollock is a prominent ingredient in fast-food fish sandwiches, imitation crabmeat, and fish sticks, among other seafood items.


The Basa and Swai species of pangasius are known as freshwater fishes that are native to Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. Unfortunately, their excessive consumption is leading it towards a state of danger. Though American consumers are blessed to pick between Atlantic and Pacific seafood species, which are frequently imported from Canada, Iceland, or China by the seafood exporters in Pakistan. In addition to the indefinite list of seafood, Catfish is one of the most prominent indigenous seafood products found in the United States, especially in the south.


Crab And Clams To Calm Your Mid-day Cravings

Crab and clams are two popular shellfish species that are extensively found in the United States. The King, Snow, Dungeness, and Blue species of American crab are among the best-known and most utterly eaten varieties of the species. 


Live crabs, canned crabs, and frozen crayfish are all options for purchasing crabs. Though over 150 subspecies of clams can indeed be discovered in different regions of the world.


Save Marine Life Through Sustainable Fishing Practices 

Sustainable fishing practices have never been more critical than they are today, thanks to concerns like uncertain climatic change and uncontrollable pollution ratio. During the three-year period, the average person ate around half as much seafood as seafood-loving Japan and Norway combined, and about a quarter as much as Iceland and the Faroe Islands combined. 

Though the United States’ food consumption lagged behind other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, and France. However, the consumption was marginally higher than those in the UK and substantially higher than the 29.3-pound daily consumption in Germany during the same timeframe.


The Bottom Line

Nonetheless, efforts are in-lined for increasing awareness of marine ecosystem fragility among consumers in the United States and elsewhere in recent years. To educate customers, seafood exporters, and industry workers on the value of sustainable consumption and conservation of species such as Atlantic halibut, winter skate, and bluefin tuna, the local governments and international conservation organizations have joined hands for boosting aquaculture.


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