Six Most Expensive Fishes Eaten Worldwide


Are you familiar with fish in your area or throughout the globe? Do you know that there are over 30,000 different types of fish in the world? The most expensive fishes in the world at the moment now, particularly in 2021, include a variety of different species. You might be able to afford your ideal luxury car if you sell one of your possessions.

Fish are water-loving creatures that like to spend their entire lives in or near bodies of water. They’re stunning creatures with a diverse range of appealing traits. Thus marking a place in the list of most expensive fishes around the world.

Some seafood, like shrimp, can be found in your neighborhood store for a decent cost, but other fish, like tuna, cost quite so much as a dozen new vehicles. Come on, let’s do this!

The Tuna From Japan – $500

When it comes to seafood, Japanese tuna ranks at the top when it comes to price. You’ll have to pony up $500 to try the dish. You can produce the perfect sushi in the world with this fish.

The best fish to eat is Japanese tuna, but it’s on the endangered species list. The Japanese government has banned fishing to minimize demand in order to protect the last of the country’s fish stocks. This type of fish is perfect for preparing the best sushi possible.

Despite the fact that Japan supplies the best tuna in the world, the species is on the verge of extinction. Fisheries in Japan were restricted as part of an effort to help preserve the species that remained.

What Makes Bluefin Tuna Costly?

Many factors contribute to the high price and rarity of bluefin tuna, including the area where it was caught, the method of raising it, and what part of the animal you’re purchasing.

In Japan, particularly in sushi restaurants, tuna is purchased from seafood exporters for a high price because of tremendous demand. In addition to that, a 600-pound giant bluefin tuna was sold for over $3milion in Japan back in 2019. 

Is Bluefin Tuna The Unhealthiest Fish To Eat?

The deep pink flesh of bluefin tuna is indeed a renowned delicacy, notably in the United States and Japan, among the wealthy. High-end restaurants such as Nobu in Los Angeles or Zawa Japanese in Nyc provide it as an a la carte item.

Therefore think long and hard before ordering this expensive and uncommon shellfish the next time you’re out.

The sole reason bluefin tuna is by far the most unhealthy seafood to eat is because of its high mercury concentration. Mercury is a poisonous metal that can harm an unborn child’s kidneys and neurological system.

Those who eat it should do so sparingly, while those who don’t should steer clear of it completely.

The Puffer Fish aka Fugu – $350

In spite of the fact that it can be located in both fresh and saltwater, pufferfish is a highly sought-after pet. One drop of this species’ venom is considered to be lethal. This dish is hard to prepare according to the seafood exporters even for those with some culinary experience.

You’ll need a chef who specializes in marine cuisine and understands how to prepare fugu if you want to enjoy the dish. Many nutritionists and seafood exporters in Pakistan advise against eating this dish at home; instead, go to a reputable restaurant. It has to be served safely and can be eaten with other meals, but it must be served safely.

Win The Seafood Battleground With Swordfish – $300

If you adore sampling new foods, the Pacific swordfish should be on your try-next list. This fish has a lot of flesh, making it a great choice for grilled or seasoned dishes.

Before recently, this species was listed as threatened, but conservationists have worked hard to keep the numbers stable.

The Brightest Yellowfin Tuna aka Ahi – $270


The yellowfin tuna tastes just as good as that of the bluefin tuna as well as is a superb substitute. High-end restaurants offer this delectable fish with a reasonable $270 price tag. The skin of this animal is tough and flaking.

Many fish aficionados prefer ahi above other fish because of its unique taste and ability to be prepared in a variety of ways. Grilling it or even eating it somewhat raw are both delicious options. There are countless seasoning mixes for making this fish that fish lovers can try at home.

The King Of Ocean Featuring Wild King Salmon – $100

The wild king salmon is also known as the chinook salmon by fishermen. There are few people who can catch this particular species of salmon each year. This wild Pacific salmon has a lot of flavors and a lot of fat.

The supply of wild king salmon diminishes rapidly. Suppliers came up with a way to minimize the amount of fish available to decrease demand. For those who cannot bear the cost of affording Salmon’s wild king, there is reddish sockeye salmon, which is less pricey.


In general, the ocean is full of fish with a very steep price tag attached to their heads. Cost is a factor when it comes to these. Let it be their appearance, unavailability, or exceptional taste. 

The likeability of seafood will always remain persistent. Due to its exceptional taste, high nutritional values, and diverse cooking methods. 

These rates are subject to change without notice. It’s flexible; it may go either way. Availability and manufacturing have caused it to vary from place to location and time to time.

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