White Pomfret- Paplet

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White Pomfret” has been one of Southeast Asia’s most desired fish because of its tender white flesh with a slight “non-fishy” taste. Upon the plate, the flesh cuts up instantly but not into distinct lines of flakes. It tends to keep more than enough soft flesh to scoop up the fillets with the skin off of course.


Product Preparation

White Pomfret is steamed whole with several vertical cuts through the flesh. This fish appears more attractive and yummy compared to some others on the table and is very easy to manage.  The fins hold together reasonably well and with few ribs to control. Often it can be baked really well through the skin with much the same diagonal slashes.

You can totally deep fry the fish as a whole but the thing you need to be careful about is the tender flesh splitting up. 

Product Nutrition

The pomfret’s nutrient content is to a greater extent than some of the other fish you choose in the menu and it is claimed by the physicians and nutrition experts. The White Pomfret is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins A, B and D.  It also contains iodine which is important for the glands of the thyroid. A beneficial meal for the brain, the pomfret is great for vision and for healthier hair and skin. Overall, you are going to be pretty and healthy if you like to eat White Pomfret.

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    best fish

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