KingFish- Surmai

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Surmai Fish are so-called Seer or kingfish. these are fast predatory swimmers.   In many locations of Sri Lanka and South India, they’re the most popular seafood. It can be cooked as curry, fried, and grilled. Surmai is often used to make fish pickles, best served as a side dish with rice. To be cooked and eaten when fresh adds a bit more taste in Surmai fish. “In some countries, these fish are often referred to as” King mackerels.


Product Preparations

On its own, Surmai is flavorful and needs no special preparation to improve its flavor profile. Surmai, which is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids, has been one of the healthiest fish around. It is typically prepared in the form of sliced or steaks, owing to its large size. Its flavor is semi-mild, which tends to make it very enjoyable. It’s prepared as a whole fish or as a fish steak. Either way, it’s cherished by everyone.


Product Nutrition

Surmai’s nutritional benefit promotes the decrease in the risk of heart failure while lowering the chances of thrombosis. Eating it twice a week helps you in avoiding the sickness of arthritis. As it prevents age-related macular degeneration, Surmai is also an anti-aging product. It protects the lungs from toxic reactions and strengthens them. Last but not least, Surmai tends to prevent seasonal allergies.

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