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Prawns typically are in black, pink, white, or grey colours. The fish turns pale blue after being captured. It has a shape that is cylindrical and curved. The prawn’s body is somewhat flattened from one side to another.  Prawn shells usually turn pink when fried, and the nice, meaty flesh changes colour to white, tinted pink as the rose. It is necessary to cook slightly, else the flesh might become stiff. You will also see prawns being categorised into jumbo, medium, and small when you will go for prawn shopping.


The Jumbo prawns are bigger in size. Due to their size and taste, this type should always be viewed as the prawn dish’s masterpiece. It typically takes anywhere from 8-10 minutes to prepare Jumbo Prawns.

For fried rice, Medium prawns are the correct size. Medium Prawns are bigger in scale than smaller ones. take 5-6 minutes to cook.


Small prawns, once cooked, can shorten into a tiny size. Small Prawns are great for pasta, fried rice and plenty of Asian cuisine and soups since they easily blend in 3-4 minutes.


Product Preparation

when you are planning to cook prawns and they are shell-on, then you will have to crack them. It can be handled before or after preparing food, but the after peel makes a juicier, intensely flavoured prawn. 


You can make a slight cut anywhere along the length of the black line using a small, sharp knife, then take it up and cut out the appropriate part using the knife’s edge. Unless you want the prawns to be flat, peel and devein (leaving on the very end of the tail), then place a wooden spoon along its size to flatten it. Prawn-based meals are especially popular in Indian cuisine because most people in India tend to eat seafood and veggies rather than meat. 


Product Nutrition

Like all other fish, prawns are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids for heart health, builds muscles and prevents humans from cancer. Surprisingly, prawns can provide calcium for stronger bones. There are numerous other reasons for you to have prawns twice a week so enjoy eating healthy.


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