Croaker – Mushka

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The croaker has a pinkish shimmer and reflecting a silvery body. Having a croaker is an adventure for the hands. since they are almost always served intact, due to their smaller size. The flesh is flaky and has a mild, briny taste. It’s a bony fish, so grab the tissues before you start to munch on it. 


Product Preparation

A common small fish meal, croaker is most often cooked with cornmeal dust and usually pan-fried. It can be marinated and barbecued, baked, and broiled quickly and easily. You can enhance the tastes by dipping a scaled croaker in any liquid like water, milk, egg, or a mix of these 3  for a Southern treat, then roll into cornflour and prepare food in hot oil. The tasty fish can be sauteed entirely as well.


Product Nutrition

The Croaker Fish is regarded as a very high-quality protein supply. Besides that, it also contains rich quantities of omega-3 fatty acids and other essential resources. In the apparent lack of meat, many people choose to bring this fish in their menu as it fulfills all the healthy diet requirements. This fish contains substantial vitamins that play a role in absorbing nutrients and the maintenance of a stable digestive tract.

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