Black Pomfret-Paplet

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Black Pomfret with a very good taste, this yummy fish has light-colored flesh which is mild but not at all plain. There seems to be a dark stripe underneath the skin surface but in flavor, it is considerably weaker to taste than the light flesh. For all kinds of soft cooking and pan-frying, the flesh keeps quite well together, but chips instantly on the plate. The Black Pomfret is fully coated with thin, moderately sticky scales. With just mild brushing through, they scrape off pretty fast.


Product Preparation

You can cut the head off instantly (consider making cuts all around the collar, then cut the spine from the sides) if you don’t plan to prepare the black pomfret with head-on. If you want to cook the fish head-on, as is often the way, this can all be handled in a very quick and easy manner like having a fish with two strong tasty sides. However, for the cleaning or filleting around fish, make a cut from the vent to under the neck.


Product Nutrition

Delightful in taste, this product has a massive amount of omega-3 fats and is rich in proteins. Black Pomfret is a major supply of collagen protein, an integral material that makes the skin smooth and durable. Significant changes as positive improvement for ADHD in children is also correlated with DHA, an omega-3 fat naturally contained in Black pomfret.

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