How Prawns Have Led The List Of Most Liked Seafood Products?

One of the most desired categories from seafood after fish is prawns. Generally, in different eateries, people are found skipping fish over prawns due to their divine taste, rich nutrition, and stomach-friendly nature. These little pieces of heavenly morsels are the greatest substitute for a piece of white meat or red meat. Thus they are the most liked seafood product to be served for breakfast, dinner, brunch, or a whole night feast.  

What Makes Prawns Different From Shrimps?

Though both shrimps and prawns are classified under the category of seafood. According to seafood exporters in Pakistan and international providers claim that the only difference an eater will find will be the difference in size. Since the tase of prawns and shrimps is hardly different. 

As far as the comparison of size starts, shrimps are comparatively smaller than prawns. Whereas both are loved for the rapid cooking time. Another difference only great chefs can figure out is the cooking time difference between prawns and shrimps. By putting a common logic here since prawns are treater in size they take a little longer to be cooked. But even that’s also a matter of bear seconds. 

Why Greater Consumption Of Prawns Is Beneficial?

Nutritional Advantages Of Prawns

  • Both the prawns and shrimps offer eaters a bag full of nutrients. According to the health ministry, a packet of 100g of shrimps contains around 94 cals and 21g of protein in total. 
  • Similar to other seafood products, both the shrimps and prawns contain Omega-3 fatty acids which strengthen your vision and neuro capabilities. 
  • According to a fleet of seafood exporters included in Healthline, prawns are rich in Vitamin B-12, Iron, and selenium. 

Pantry Perks Of Prawns

  • Seafood exporters in Pakistan and over the globe also facilitate clients with ready-to-cook prawns and shrimps too. 
  • Regardless of the fact you are purchasing frozen or fresh products. The prawns which reach you through the sea are snap-frozen which means they are fresh from the insight. 
  • The defrosting process of prawns or shrimps takes hardly 15 to 20 minutes. If you have to prepare them for kid’s breakfast then we suggest you thaw them in the fridge overnight. 
  • The easy to defrost capability of prawns is yet another quality that makes them the perfect substitute for chicken or meat. Just in case if in a hurry you have forgotten to defrost chicken, you can just grasp a few pieces of prawns and serve a rich in protein dinner to your family. 

Flavour Wise Boons Of Prawns

  • One of the biggest advantages of having prawns is their exceptional natural seafood taste and supper quick cooking time. 
  • Prawns and shrimps are also appreciated due to their mildly buttery and sweet seafood taste which is close to negligible yet adds a kink of difference for the consumer’s taste buds. Moreover if fried in high garlic quotient prawns also taste near to chicken pieces. 
  • Prawns appear to be firm in the first bite and gradually melt in the mouth with further intake. 

Storing Techniques For Prawns & Shrimps

The Seafood Counter


  • Generally, seafood exporters facilitate consumers with pre-frozen prawns which are found easily in stores. 
  • As a tip from seafood exporters, you must not proceed to freeze already frozen prawns. Instead, store them in a mildly chill temperature lower than the freezer and get your hands onto it as soon as possible to eat them fresh and crispy.
  • The validated time of raw prawns is near three days whereas consumers can also refer to the expiry date attached. Moreover, any raw protein needs to be eaten as soon as possible to consume its nutrients in full fresh form. 

The Freezers

If you are picking frozen prawns at your own risk. The seafood exporters advise checking storage guidelines at the packaging and the best before time. Thus pick your most liked seafood product carefully. 

If you are not willing to cook the frozen prawns any near soon. Then opt for freezing those back in the freezer.

Top Six Ways Of Cooking Prawns 

Since prawns and shrimps are naturally gifted with a mild taste of seafood and salt in them. There is a number of fusions and spice combinations that can uplift your kitchen with an appetizing aroma and treat your taste buds with the best of the best taste. Taking full advantage of the cooking versatility offered by prawns we have cooked the following six simplest and easy to cook ways or serving prawns;

  • Pan-fried prawns
  • Deep-fried or Battered (tempura or either beer batter)
  • Poached
  • Grilled 
  • Stir-fried prawns or baby shrimps
  • Steamed

Just be on your toes with your eyes and smelling senses wide open. Since prawns and shrimps are super quick to get burned if left on high flames for longer durations. Thus handle them with love!

Which Parameters Reflect Perfectly Cooked Prawns?

The raw prawns or shrimps appear to be pale grey or near to orangish as power the species selected. When it stratus to cook the color will change from being translucent and you will observe flesh getting firm slightly. 

Remove the lid and turn off your stove as soon as you see prawns turning near to pink and changing their state of being translucent. The indication of a perfectly prawn is it should be a bit to bite while getting tender as soon as the eater starts consuming a larger quantity. Though if your prawns are rubbery to chew they are most probably overcooked.

The more you cook prawns, the better you’ll be at telling when they’re ready, so keep on practicing! Though practice makes a man perfect and so do does we advice the chef trying his or her hands-on cooking prawns for the first time. Don’t worry nobody is good in their initial tropes. Therefore the more you cook the more expertise you’ll gain to judge the raw and cooked forms of your most liked seafood product.


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