5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Fish Dishes

5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Fish Dishes

Asia will soon experience the next renaissance in terms of its food as per the experts and economists, and it will be as grand and pivotal as what Europe had witnessed in the medieval period. And although most countries in Asia are still in developing world status, we see yet another side of it thriving and already achieving this (sort of) predictions and it is all about Asian food

Asian cuisine is much better than western foods overall. With the avoidance of dairy, fats, and coloring, as well as an emphasis on zingy flavor and fresh ingredients, any Asian-inspired meal is able to obtain healthier choices especially when it is about different kinds of fish like tuna, shrimp, Benthic and prawns. 

There are uncountable options besides seafood, we will start by looking at some of the region’s healthiest meals or food items to follow.

Fried Fish, Pakistan:

fried fish pakistani

The fisheries and fishing industries play a great role in Pakistan’s economic development. With a waterfront of approximately 814 km, Pakistan still has enough fishery resources to grow. Almost all of the populace of the Sindh and Balochistan coastal cities rely on fishing for their livelihood. It is also an important source of capital for seafood exports in Pakistan.

If you ever come to Pakistan, you will notice there are many fish stalls on almost all the important roads and that is because Pakistani people love to eat street food especially if it is fish. The fish vendors make no compromise on the taste and organic touch in their food so must try it on your tour.

Grilled Fish, China:

grilled fish

Fish that are popular in East Asian cuisine usually involve salmon, tuna, tilapia, or shrimp. Fish is grilled on the grill frame in much of Chinese cuisine, which is one of the best nutritional ways to eat it. Grilling reduces too much oil or paste, which will absorb any excess fat from the protein. In fact, grilling allows fast cooking of the fish which preserves a fresh flavor.

Sushi, Japan:


Sushi is a ‘cooked ingredient-top vinegared rice.’ In the wonderful and happy world of sushi, some of the common ingredients include small slices of raw fish, caviar and fish eggs, and seaweed wrapping. If sushi’s delicate flavors struggle to stir up then soy sauce dip, wasabi or pickled ginger will enliven it.

Fish-head Curry, Singapore:

head fish curry

This Seafood-obsessed city’s special Singaporean dish represents both the Indian and Chinese traditions. A spicy gravy in South Indian style combined with the Chinese fascination with red snapper’s head. The impression is of the greatness of the taste of the curry. If the whole curry is too full, smaller deals can be found at prepacked stalls in Singapore.


Shrimp Rolls, Vietnam: 

shrimp roll

Locally sourced herbs, vermicelli (rice) noodles, and meat selection (pleeeease, fresh shrimp) all densely wrapped in rice paper. Freshly picked rolls, or summer wraps, are definitely my favorite Vietnamese snack choice because it comes in perfect fit with a plentiful peanut sauce (Nuoc Leo). If you go to Vietnam and don’t try these, you have wasted your days there.


Fish Balls, Hong Kong:

fish balls

You can purchase fish balls from every other street food vendor you will most likely find one in almost any corner of the street or market route in Hong Kong and they are pretty cheap but they are obviously very delicious. You can buy them grilled, steamed, or fried and they are known to be pleasant “quick snack” bites. Several ingredients can be utilized to turn the cuisine into a little more nutritious and tastier.